I was painting everyday…

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On: September 16, 2015
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Hi…  Well the summer has been and gone.. I was painting quite a bit .. one subject matter I like to paint is sheep, however I looked and looked around the landscape but could not find any,  Where did they all go?  I eventually found a small field with some running around, starting to paint I had a slight cough, they all looked at me and scarpered over the hill, and did not come back, such is life.!

We met a lot of interesting people this summer, it was certainly busy…  the feedback is always good to hear.. Sometimes people ask permission to take photographs , while they think about purchasing a piece on their return to their country.. The current phone technology makes this so easy, the quality of photographs is also brilliant.

So our packers have been busy packing art-works to be sent out of the country .  Sometimes it is sad to see certain pieces go, as they do become a part of you, however it always good to meet the clients and know the art work is in good hands and going to a safe place..

Talk again soon.




art1 013

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