• A fresh start

    On: May 7, 2015
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    Welcome to our blog, we have been working very hard to bring you this brand new web site.. Developed by the most innovative web designer in Dublin, in fact in the world… Of course Jack French the chief designer has done a fantastic job… Thanks Jack you have been a great help….

    So here we are again exhibiting and selling art to our globe trotting audience who pass through on their way to enlightenment. Tip toeing through our gallery, whilst visiting Ireland, on their whistle stop tour of the land where the fairies and leprechauns come from..
    It is good to meet all the different people from the four corners of the world, from all walks of life. We have people who are seasoned art collectors, always a delight to meet, then there are those who have never stepped foot inside a gallery before.

    ‘I do not know much about art,’ they always say , but I like that!! Said with trepidation…
    ‘Yes thank you, you do not have to know much about art to like something you know’ ha ha!
    It’s always the same reaction… The art world has severely frightened some people, I wonder why? ‘Oh Wow! isn’t that beautiful, ‘some body else said 5 minutes later, who has just come in… Again always a delight, it’s so great to get genuine feedback, makes the effort of organising this so much better… Thank you.

    When showing in some of the many galleries I have shown with over the years, I never experience what it’s like for some people to see our work for the first time, sheer magic!!

    So yesterday my son Kit, who is also a great painter like myself, we’re painting in this cornfield, some miles from here, Enchanting really, the sun was beating down on us, it was so peaceful to be in the middle of no where, this group of trees by this old farm quadrangle were really haunting, no windows left, just corn growing through… It was idyllic.

    The paintings we are working on are coming to, I will tell you about those later, when they are near finished, and show you too… so for now toodaloo!

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